Local Agenda 21 in Belarus, 6th & 7th March 2007

Hi Everybody,

Last week I facilitated two planning events on Local Agenda 21 in the North of Belarus. In Rossony District plans were made to initiate sustainable ecological initiatives. Working groups were formed who will execute projects on realizing 1) Tourism infrastructure, 2) Green Economy, 3) Ecological Education, 4) Nature protection.

Some interesting projects which will be initiated the coming months are 1) Establishing a boat tour between three cities, 2) Promoting a crafts fair, 3) Making maps of tours, 4) Opening a new regional museum of crafts, 5) cultural tours, 6) Attract eco-volunteers, 7) Organize ecological tours.

In Lepel District preperations were made for a Local Agenda 21 meeting to be organized in April 2007. Citizens are working now on involving the key stakeholders. The LA 21 meeting in April will be combined with promotion of crafts and the promotion of touristical information.

For more photographes consult: : http://tinyurl.com/29ao56

This contract was conducted for ECEAT-projects. ECEAT-projects is an organisation which promotes sustainable tourism worldwide. Consult. www.eceat.nl




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