Multi-stakeholder meeting Ukraine 31st March - 2nd April 2008

Hi Everybody,

From 31st March - 2nd April 2008 Simon Koolwijk trained members from local organisations in Ukraine and Moldova on how to facilitate multi-stakeholder meetings. This training is part of the WECF programme (Women in Europe for Common Future) on how to reduce pollution of the Dnjester River. This river is flowing through the Ukraine through Moldova and ends eventually into the Black Sea.

On the first day, 31st March, 15 faciliators from these two countries, were trained in methods such as mapping, stakeholder analysis, problem and solution formulation and action planning. The focus of the training was to make them ready to facilitate community meetings within three focus areas in Ukraine and Moldova to reduce the pollution of the Dnjester River.

On the 1st April 2008 a multi-stakeholder meeting was facilitated in the community of Berezahny. Members coming from the Upper, Berezahny city and down region defined the causes which created the pollution of the Dnjester River. Based on these problems they defined solutions on how to deal with these problems. Finally three working groups were formed. Groups will focus on 1) dealing with waste and sanitation, 2) Environmental education with youth, and 3) Lobby and advocacy and involving the local governments.

On the 2nd April the training was evaluated and steps were further elaborated on how to organize multi-stakeholder meetings in the South of Ukraine, Transnistria and Moldova.


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