TOT Facilitation Methods Albania 30th May - 1st June 2008

Hi Everybody,

From 30th May - 1st June, 7 trainers from MilieuKontakt Albania trained 7 participants from Civil Society Organisation in Albania in facilitation methods.

MilieuKontakt Albania is doing a joined programme with MilieuKontakt International to strengthen the environmental movement in Albania. Pilot projects and environmental campaigns are being initiated in 10 communities over Albania. Already 10 local NGO's have been selected who will initiate multi-stakeholder meetings with citizens, municipalities and civil society organisations.

Before starting this process, NGO and civil society organisation leaders need to be trained in leadership, project management and facilitation skills. The training from the 30th May - 2nd June 2008 was one of the preperatory phases were the trainers team of MK Albania was prepared and trained to conduct a training in facilitation methods for 7 members from Civil Society Organisations.

During the training on the 31st May and 1st June the MK-trainers led workshops and training sessions on theory of facilitation, demo's of workshops and group conversation method, while they coached and guided the participants to practise these methods. On the second day the MK-trainers demonstrated a one-to-one coaching method and a peer-to-peer model which help civil society leaders to deal with their issues and challenges.


Simon Koolwijk


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