Strategy Meeting WECF, 1 - 2 July 2008

Hi Everybody,

On the 1st and 2nd July 2008 I facilitated a strategy meeting for WECF (Women for Europe and a Common Future) who have their offices located in Netherlands, Germany and France. The event took place in Benediktbeurn, Germany.

WECF strives for a healthy environment for all using women's potential in balancing environment, health and economy. WECF implements solutions locally & influences globally. Overarching goals for 2020 are 1. Healthy environment, 2. Safe chemicals, 3. Safe energy, 4. Safe food production & rural development, 5. Safe water and sanitation for all. Focus areas are the Pan European countries.

During the strategic planning 4 working groups connected to each of the 2020 goals formulated programme and milestones they want to accomplish within the next 5 years. Some dreams that came up were connected to "Toxic free toys", "Sustainable energy production and consumption", "Ecosan as a leading and accepted standard for schools" and "model villages having an integrated and environmental friendly approach".

During the strategy meeting we used a lot of creative working methods, such as "knowing by walking around", the dream cloud and the strategic thermometer. Beniktbauern was an excellent place to discuss and sit outside in some of their magnificent gardens.




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