Participatory Video Youth Centre Uganda, presentation 16th May 2009

"Fantastic that the youth can film their own centre!" "It gives an actual impression of Kawempe Youth Centre" on how the youth see it". "A worthwhile initiative which helps the youth to improve their future possibilities!".

On the 16th May 2009 members and supporters from Stichting Kapini saw the participatory video "Youth about KYC". This video made by the youth from Kawempe gives a picture on how the youth and the staff see, feel and think how the Kawempe Youth Centre is functioning. Esther Kyazike, director of the centre, was proud to share her views during the video presentation which was held at Stichting Oikos in Utrecht. "It is nice to see in the video that the youth are happy that the facility offers possibilities to read books, do sports and make friends, and that the centre makes a difference in their lifes!"

The process of the video making was facilitated by Simon Koolwijk on the 28th February 2009 when Kawempe Youth Centre organized a Youth Day. Emmanuel Sserklaniko and Geofrey Lule filmed and interviewed the people at the centre. "It is another way of making youth feel part of the centre!".


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