Start up project Youth in the Centre - Moldova

From 4 - 8 May 2009 Procommunitate and Kontakt der Kontinenten met to start up the project Youth in the Centre in Moldova. This project aims to strengthen and build sustainable structures for youth work in Moldova. Beside Procommunitate and KdK, Proni Centre for Social Education, Hogeschool Windesheim, State University of Moldova and the Moldova Social Investment Fund are involved in this project. The project is focused at building partnerships between youth, government, parents and local organisations. The youth will be the ones in the centre, making their own choices with support from the stakeholders. During the start up KdK and Procommunitate shared their views and thoughts on how to implement the project. Visits were made to 3 of the 4 partner communities such as Cotiujenii Mari and Vadul Rascov in Soldanesti District and Varnita in Aneii Noi District. "For more photo impressions"

Simon Koolwijk is part of the KdK team and is involved in the training & capacity development part of this project.


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