Working with web 2.0 tools, 29th May 2009

"I will start my own netvibes link". "It will save me a lot of time!" "Netvibes and delicious are terrific tools for me." "I will further discuss the new ideas in my organisation and am considering to start up a Ning forum for discussion within our network!".
Participants were delighted and inspired after the 4th course "Working with web 2.0 tools", which was organised on the 29th May 2009 in Utrecht by the "Werken met Web2.0" consortium. The training was conducted by Simon Koolwijk and Elmine Wijnia who are both (e-) facilitators and advisors for developing digital learning products. Joitske Hulsebosch and Sibrenne Wagenaar are the other partners in "Werken met Web2.0" consortium.
During the course the participants got acquainted with the whole history of web 2.0 in the last 10 years. Flicker started in 2003, Linkedinn in 2003 and Youtube in 2005. The webworld and availability of webtools is changing very rapidly. After the coffee break up till mid afternoon the participants practised with 1. How to work with discussion fora - Ning, 2. How to do social bookmarking with Delicious, 3. How to get the information come to you by Netvibes and 4. How to develop documents and stored information through a wiki.
The day provided us a possibility to play. The set up of the day was very dynamic! Fine to play a practise during this training. My fear for webtools has been taken away! These were some of the positive comments of the participants on the day. "How to convince the Management Team about these tools", "What are pitholes to get other people enthousiastic and involved!" was provided as feedback on how to improve the course.


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