Capacity Development training - dev't professionals 24 - 27 august 2009

A very useful course! It is widened my perspective on how to develop capacities with local organisations. I have gained some useful tools, which I definetely going to use! These were some of the comments of the 4 participants who took part in the course Capacity Development which took place on the 24th, 25th and 27th August at the Hendrik Kreamer Institute in Utrecht.

Two development professionals working for ZHHK (Zending Hersteld Hervormde Kerk) and two from ICCO participated in this course. All participants will be involved in assisting local organisations in strengthening the internal capacity of their organisations. How to get a better planning system? How to motivate and equip the local staff with management skills? How to do monitoring and evaluation? How to build financial systems? These were some of the questions and needs that came up in the course.
During the course topics on the principles of project cycle management, monitoring & evaluation, organisational assessment and capacity planning, dilemma's in advising were discussed. The flow was logical. We experienced a variety of teaching methods. We learned about the theory, practised, reflected and were able to share our experiences. The stories from our trainer were very useful.


  1. Erg leuk om na te lezen. Ik zal er ook nog iets over zeggen op

    Bedankt heh!


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