Summerschool Moldova 20th July - 2nd August 2009

"A great experience! I would have loved to stay a week longer. I very much liked the atmosphere, the games, it was a wonderful week of joy and learning!" These were some of the comments from the Moldovan youth who attended the summerschool at Holercani in Moldova from 20th July up to the 2nd August, 2009.

The summerschools are part of the program "Youth in the Centre". This program aims to assist 4 communities in Moldova (Varnita, Cotiujenii Mari, Vadul Rascov and Ulmu) in building and strengthening local structures for youth development. This summercamp was one of the kick-off activities of this project to identify and mobilize youth leaders, who are willing to take the lead in setting up activities management by themselves in their own communities. In building these structures they are assisted by adults such as parents, teachers, local civil society organisations and the municipalities.

This program is a joint initiative of Procomunitate (from Moldova), Proni Social Centre for Education, Kontakt der Kontinenten and Windesheim - Hogeschool for Education, department social work. The program is financially supported by Matra, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

From 20th up to 26th July, youth from 19 - 29 participated in the summerschool. From 27th July up to the 2nd August, youth from 13 - 18 took part. During the summerschool youth learned about communication, teamwork, leadership, decision making, community actors and planned some activities for youth work in their communities. In the afternoons youth had free time to sport and prepare for the evenings with entertainment including games, local dances and music. Simon Koolwijk attended the summerschool to work and talk to the youth and the local trainers in identifying the training needs for the youth development training program which will start in the autumm of this year. Parellel to the training youth will develop with support of adults the youth structures in their communities. The start was great. The atmosphere was energizing. For more photo's.


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