Facilitation methods - 9th September 2009

Very practical! I became aware that I knew much more about facilitation, when I started with the course! I am definetely going to use some of the lessons learned in my work! I would like to make a follow-up appointment with Simon. It was a great training!

Three staff members from the Development co-operation organisation ICCO participated in the course facilitation methods on the 9th September. One of them will be working as a capacity development advisor in Ethiopia for an organisation which promotes practises of sustainable energy. The two others are attached to the Head office of ICCO. All of them expressed that they very regulary are in the position of leading and facilitating meetings. 'People benefit of more effective meetings', expressed one participant. People want to be involved and share the feeling that they are part of a team. Effective facilitation is definetly an important need!
During the training the ICCO staff members got acquainted with the Technology of Participation methods. They learned about mind mapping, the caroussel, the basic conversation method and the brainstorm workshop method.They also got a number of useful tips and hints about available literature in facilitation. Simon Koolwijk, the trainer, is a Certified Professional Facilitator through the International Association of Facilitators.


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