Capacity development 5, 7, 9th October 2009

Very useful. Logical. The cases and dilemma's in capacity development were very interesting! The training was complete. It has a head, body and feet! These were some of the comments from the participants in the training capacity development, which was organized by the Hendrik Kraemer Institute in Utrecht.
Capacity development advisors from the Theatre Embassy, ICCO and Mensen met een Missie participated in this training. Within a couple of months they will be working for local organisations in e.a. India, Kenya, Indonesia and Honduras to strengthen their capacities for improved service delivery.
The training was focused on learning and gaining skills in project cycle management, logical framework, tools for organisational development, basics and theory in capacity development and linking the theory with the actual job description. Special attention was paid to dilemma's and pitholes in the process of strengthening local organisations. It provided insight that assisting a local organisation is a challenging but also interesting job!


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