Sunday, December 13, 2009

Capacity Development - 7, 10, 11 December 2009

"The course was very practical! A good hands-on experience to get acquainted with capacity development of local organisations. I have learned some useful insights and tools on how to enter with a capacity development intervention. " These were some of the comments of the professional development advisors who participated in the course "Capacity Development" which was hosted by the Hendrik Kraemer Institute.

The five advisors participating in the course are working for ICCO and The Verre Naasten. Some of them are involved in Value Chain Development in the Phillipines and West Africa, while the other advisors are involved in religious dialogue and capacity development of local churches in Indonesia.

During the first day of the training the participants got acquainted with the principles of Project Cycle Management and the Logical Framework. The theory of this module founded a basis to better understand the dynamics of capacity development. Theory, presenting the own job descriptions and practising with the tools in organisational development were part of the second day. One of the highlights on the third day was a presentation from a returned ICCO Value Chain advisors who was involved in capacity development in Ghana and Liberia. "Start with a meeting with the Director of a local organisation, is one of the most important entry points". Another useful insight is to start simple and try to gain some small successes, like how to work with excell, to win the trust of the local partners. More information about tools and experiences can be found at the capacity development wiki of ICCO.

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