In-company training Project Cycle Management - Logicalframework, 2-3 December 2009

"The training was to the point, organized and within a short time you gain a lot!" "The training is helpful in deepening your insight in projectrelations, goals and results" "You have to invest time in partnerrelations, visit and get to know the people to enable projectgoals and results". "The training enlightens your own way of working, however follow-up is needed to embed it in our daily working practices."

Three organisations: Bijzondere Noden, Zending Gereformeerde Gemeenten and Deputaatschap voor Israel participated in the training Project Cycle Management and Logical Framework. This in-company course was conducted by Gerard Verbeek from Synergo Consult and Simon Koolwijk from Facili2transform.
The two-day training was focused on the 4 steps of the Project Cycle. 1. Identification, 2. Planning, 3. Implementation and monitoring, 4. Evaluation. Participants gained knowledge and skills on how to do a stakeholder analysis and dig out the perspectives from the most important stakeholders in the process of project formulation. Based on their own cases participants elaborated a projectplan including goals, results and indicators. Based on photos from the case studies, a monitoring & evaluation plan was formulated on the second day. The fourth step in the cycle was closed with a role play where the different interests from the stakeholders were matched with the lessons learned in the process.

"The training was a useful investment in time and money in order to improve the quality of the projects we are supporting!" commented one of the participants. Another commented: "The training provides a hands-on method to use the different tools, without being limited to models and procedures.


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