Planning meeting 22nd December 2009

"The meeting was useful. It made implicit knowledge explicit! The competence table helped us to divide roles and responsibilities between the advisors, the regional and the central working office." This start-up meeting is a good reference point, when we will be working as a value chain advisor in the coming months." These were some of the comments from the Value Chain team of the ICCO Fair Economic Development Department.

On the 22nd December 2009 two Value Chain advisors and two members from the Value Chain team from the ICCO central working office met to prepare for two market development programs in the Philippines and West Africa. The two programs will focus on strengthening the quality and quantity and price-value components in production-marketing chains on fruit, shea, sugar and other food products.
The meeting was facilitated by Simon Koolwijk. Main purpose of the meeting was to fine-tune and co-ordinate roles in the two market development programs, to discuss the monitoring & evaluation procedures and to plan for the next 6 months.

More information about ICCO's experiences on Value Chain and Fair Economic Development can be found at ICCO FED's blogspot.


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