Youth in the Center - Moldova

You might not expect that in one of the countries in Europe with one of the lowest GNP, the youth would be so active on internet. In the Matra funded project "Youth in the Center" youth from 4 villages in Moldova share actively experiences at a forum called Odnoklasniki. It is the Russian version of facebook. The youth are exchanging photo's, information and ideas. "It is a very good tool for communication", tells one of the youth leaders in one of the participating villages. See the video.

The forum was started in august 2009, after youth leaders from the 4 villages had participated in a summerschool in Holercani. 'Youth in the Center' is a joined project of Pro Community Center in Moldova, Kontakt der Kontinenten and Windesheim - University of Social Work in The Netherlands and Proni Center for Social Education in Croatia. Simon Koolwijk visited from 27th February - 9th March, 2010 this project to conduct with the local trainers of Pro Community Center a training on professional presentation skills for the youth from the 4 villages. Odnoklasniki was a nice surprise! It is amazing how youth in every part of the world are interacting and exchanging with each other!


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