Building capacities - I have a broader perspective!

"The training was complete. We tackled a lot of topics, but we had enough time to practise and internalise the concept of capacity development. I did not think about how to involve parents as part of the structure of the local school. They are part of building sustainable structures. Now I have a much broader perspective what capacity development is!"

These were some of the comments of the participants, who were part of the course Project Cycle Management & Capacity Development (6, 7 & 9th April 2010) which was organized by the Hendrik Kraemer Institute (HKI). Participants coming from ICCO, Togetthere, ZHHK and Stichting Burgland were preparing for their placements for Vietnam, Mozambique, Bolivia and Suriname.
Project Cycle Management and methods for organisational development were part of the course. The participants practised with PCM tools, most coming from the Tear Fund PCM guide and capacity development tools which can be found at the ICCO Capacity Development site. On the last day one of the Young Professionals working with ICCO-Togetthere shared her case from Honduras. This actual real life story provided some insights that you have to be flexible working in a different context and different culture, where means and financial resources are limited. More stories can be found at the blogspot 'Everything you always wanted to know about Capacity Development'.


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