Facilitation - practical, useful and it is fun!

"It is practical, useful and facilitation is fun!" This was one of the comments from the participants who felt that she should have had this course 5 years ago. Others commented: "The course has a good balance between listening, discussing and doing. The methods are relevant. Through systematisation you discover what you have been doing intuitively. The training is a must for our project leaders."
On the 31st March and 1st April, 2010 staff from ICCOenKerkinActie and Togetthere participated in the course facilitation methods, conducted by Simon Koolwijk. During the course participants got acquainted with the mindmap, basic conversation and workshop method. These facilitation techniques are called the Technology of Participation (ToP) methods and have been developed and tested by the Instute of Cultural Affairs.On the first day much attention was paid to the theoretical principles, experiencing and talking through the methods. The second day was full with practicals. Each of the 9 participants got an opportunity to be on stage as a facilitator. One team came up with an new creative method, which was a mixture of the mindmap and the workshop. Topic: "How does the ideal facilitator look like?"
Participants left full with inspiration. "I am going to apply the methods in my own team next week! I will use it with my project partners by the end of April/ early May. I can use it for 1-to-1 coaching and conversations. Facilitation is not only about methods, it is also providing space for emotions and people's feelings, I will make note of that. The energizers were fun! I am going to use them much more often."


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