Saturday, April 24, 2010

Moldovans learn about Dutch community development work

'We got a clear perspective about community youth development in The Netherlands'. 'Youth workers spend much time on the street to make contact with youth', 'Youth participation is one of the keys to success! ' We got a broader perspective on how community youth development projects are linked to the national governmental policies. ' These were some of the comments by the Moldovan delegation which visited The Netherlands from 14 - 23 April, 2010. The delegation was composed of representatives from central and local government, the State University of Moldova, youth leaders and adult support leaders from 4 villages, youth resource centres and Pro Community Centre.

This study visit is part of the program 'Youth in the Center', which is financed by Matra (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). This project which is aiming at building sustainable structures for community youth development work in Moldova, is a partnership between Pro Community Centre, Kontakt der Kontinenten, Proni Centre for Social Education and Hogeschool Windesheim.
During the study week several youth and community projects were visited. In Deventer the Moldavian delegation got acquainted with sportscoaches and street work. These projects are facilitated by Raster, a local social development organisation. Two rural youth development projects were visited in the North of Friesland. These are guided by the local association Doarpswork. In Wageningen the participants got acquainted with the Play bus, which is an intiative of Wijkcentrum Nude. Lijn 50, a local centre for youth, was visited in Renkum. This project is part of the work of Stichting The Bries. A one day visit was done to Hogeschool Windesheim.

The program was well balanced. It provided practical and theoretical insight on community youth development work in The Netherlands, commented one of the members from the delegation.

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