Youth leader in the Center - story from a youth leader in Moldova

I learned as a leader until now, I have to work, work, work........ Just through working I can achieve something, to be known by others, by many others and to promote these activities. This is one of the comments from the youth leaders, who participate in the project 'Youth in the Center' which is aiming at building sustainable structures for youth work in Moldova. Following is an interview with one of the youth leaders.

The project is a joint initiative of Procommunity Centre and 4 villages in Moldova, Kontakt der Kontinenten & University of Social work - Windesheim in The Netherlands and Proni Centre for Social Education in Croatia. The project is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Matra. Linking, exchange and facilitation are the key ingredients for fostering and encouraging youth development. Youth from 4 Moldovan villages (Varnita, Ulmu, Vadul Rascov and Cotujenii Mari) are participating in this project. Supported by adults (parents, teachers) and their local municipalities the youth have started initiative groups. Most of the youth are between 14-20 years. They organize recreational, cultural and educational events in their own village. Procommunity Centre supports the groups with trainings on topics as job orientation, c.v. writing, Hiv/Aids, diversity and tolerance. Together with the international partners exchange events are organised so that knowledge and experience is exchanged and new links for mutual support are created. Students from Moldova gain experience in the Netherlands and vice versa. It helps us to develop our social and life skills, comments one of the youth leaders. By organising and doing activities in our community, we learn how to work in teams, lead groups, plan and build networks. I have become aware that youth work in my own community is a useful educational tool, and it is fun to do things together with my friends.


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