Saturday, May 22, 2010

Knight of the Order of Orange Nassau - 21st May 2010

"It is a big honor to receive a reward of the community for all the work I have been doing the last 21st years on development".

On the 21st May 2010 Simon Koolwijk received the Knight of the Order of Orange Nassau (Ridder in de Orde van Oranje Nassau) from the Alderman of Hengelo, Janneke Olde-Allink in the library of Hengelo. Simon was proposed by members from Stichting Kapini and Stichting Pearl of Africa. Both foundations support Kawempe Youth Centre in Kampala, Uganda which is a community based project in Kawampe subdivision to build literacy under youth. Simon was the last 10 years board member and chairman / treasurer for 10 years with Stichting Kapini.
Since 1989 Simon was involved in development work where he worked as Board member, organizer, co-ordinator with Stichting Vrijwillige International Actie (service civil international), Institute of Cultural Affairs - Kenya, Institute of Cultural Affairs International, Institute of Cultural Affairs - Netherlands, Genootschap Nedworc, and the E-collaboration network group. Development fostered & directed by local people having participation and involvement of all concerned people, organisations and institutions is one of the key princples in Simon's work. "If local people give direction to their own development, it guarantees durable and sustainable solutions" is one of Simon's motto's. The last 10 years his work with Stichting Kapini was one of his key activities in contributing towards this principle.Simon started his own company in 1997. Since then he did contractual work as trainer/ consultant with participation, facilitation & capacity development as key services for ICCOenKerkinactie, Kontakt der Kontinenten, Hendrik Kramer Institute, MilieuKontakt International, Hogeschool Utrecht, Online faciliteren, Women for Europe and Lef Future Centre.

"This reward is something I would like to dedicate to my parents. They always supported me to do the things I was passionate about. It is a memorisable day moment!"


  1. Van harte gefeliciteerd Simon!

  2. Gefeliciteerd! Leuk om een foto met je ouders te zien, je lijkt wel erg op je vader..

  3. Hi Simon,
    Van harte met deze mooie onderscheiding. Het ga je goed! Hoop je in de toekomst weer eens te zien en spreken. Warme groet, Dominique Cordier