Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thinking through about a capacity development intervention!

"The step-by-step approach helped me to think through how to prepare and be prepared to do my capacity development intervention. The training was logical and personal." This was the comment of one of the capacity development advisors who will be working on communication for a Democratisation and Peace building network in Central America.

The advisor is one of the young professionals from Togetthere and ICCO, who participated in the training capacity development on the 7th May 2010 which was organised by the Hendrik Kreamer Institute in Utrecht. Discussing theoretical principles and how to build up a joint capacity development intervention plan were parts of the course. Human resource development (HRD), Organisational development (OD) and Institutional development (ID) are the parts and levels on which an organisation can be analysed and strengthened. Besides the technical component, the human components plays an important role in having a dynamic and flourishing organisation. More about the human dimensions can be read in the Barefoot guide. Tools for organisational development are listed at the icco-cad pbwiki, a joint website were resources on capacity development are shared.

The last part of the course dealt with the dilemmas of capacity developmet. The Togetthere and ICCO capacity development 'Young Professionals' share their experiences on how to deal with their dilemma's and questions at the blogspot ' Everything you always wanted to know about capacity development'.

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