Lots of inspiration in limited time!

"We strengthened our team through joint analysis and practicals with new methods", "The teambuilding was a successfull instrument in coming to concrete results", "We learned a lot of diverse methods on how to support structured group processes", "The training was dynamic", "We gained a lot of inspiration in limited time!"
Staff members from Impulsis and the communication department from ICCO followed the training on facilitation methods. Since Impulsis is regular organising meetings with their project partners, who have partnerships with small scale projects in Africa, Asia and Latin-America on education, peace building or community development, the lessons learned were very applicable for the own worksituation.

Participants got acquainted with the theories of facilitation, the Technology of Participation methods (developed and tested by the Institute of Cultural Affairs - USA) and creative methods from COCD (literature: Creativity Today!) . The focus during the second day was on practicals. Starting from early in the morning up to mid afternoon all participants facilitated a session and received feedback. "Our experience has been strengthened through structure and methods" commented one of the participants. "We already know a lot, but the training provides an additional dimension in preparing and facilitating a group meeting".
Simon Koolwijk, the trainer, is member of the International Association of Facilitators. This association promotes the profession of facilitators around the globe. In 2008 Simon became a International Certified Professional Facilitator.


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