Promotion of rural entrepreneurship in Rwanda

Promotion of rural entrepreneurship in Rwanda is the main focus of the IPER program, which is led and coordinated by AgriProFocus. Wageningen International, The Royal Tropical Institute, SNV, Larenstein, Agriterra, Oxfam-Novib and ICCO are major partners in this project. On the 11th June 2010 the partners met in Arnhem to discuss about the action plan led by the Advisor of promotion of rural entrepreneurship in Rwanda.
The program is focused at strengthening local market development by building capacities of value chains on rice, casave, maize and other agricultural products. Farmers, producers, service providers and research institutions are involved in this program. Finally farmers and individual families would like to improve their lifes, have fair prices for their products which will lead to better welfare. The meeting was facilitated by Simon Koolwijk. "We all of us produced something on which we have ownership, consensus and it is workable", commented the participants at the end of the meeting.

As preperation of this meeting, the capacity development advisor for the IPER program (financed by ICCO) was trained and equiped with skills in capacity development on the 10th June 2010. Parts of the training covered theoretical principles, how to build capacities through human resource, organisational and institutional development. 'Capacity development is not the purpose in itself, but it should finally lead to better service delivery of organisations and institutions'. Building capacities, linking (producers, farmers, service institutions) and learning are the most important tasks of the CB advisor in the program.


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