Capacity development: A course putting theory into practise!

"The fact that we worked our own project, made the course very practical!"; "The application of many diverse tools and methods of teaching made us to involve constantly"; "The case studies were very practical and gave us insight in capacity development and how projects usualy operate"; "The course was very inspirational!"

On the 23rd, 24th and 26th August, 2010 capacity development advisors, working with GZB, Mensen met een Missie, ICCO & Centrum for Israel Studies participated in the course Project Cycle Management & Capacity Development which was organized by the Hendrik Kraemer Institute (HKI). The training was conducted by Simon Koolwijk.

The first part of the course was focused on how to plan and design a project through the Project Management Cycle and logical framework approach. Based on a practical project, participants developed a project plan through the logframe approach. On the second day participants presented their job descriptions, which are focused on organisational development. Based on theoretical principles and organisational analysis tools, participants developed a draft capacity development intervention plan. Feedback and suggestions were shared on how to focus and where to deal with difficulties. Tools for monitoring and evaluation were shared on how to follow the progress of the intervention.

Finally dilemma's and pitholes were shared which can be encountered during a capacity development intervention. Ownership, unclearity about expectations, building trust are some of the main challenges during an intervention. Some strategies are shared at the weblog "Everything you always wanted to know about capacity development".


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