Friday, September 10, 2010

Similarities between an animal and a facilitator?

How to come from an animal to the competencies of a facilitator? This question was answered by a group of 8 staff working with ICCOenKerkinActie, a Dutch development organisation which has one of its aims to contribute towards the Millenium Development Goals. The staff members participated in a two day training (6th - 7th September 2010) on learning and practising basic facilitation skills led by Simon Koolwijk.
A team of three facilitators practised this creative workshop with the key question: "What are the competencies of an effective facilitator?" Inspired by the book Creativiteit Hoe? Zo! (Author Igor Bytebier) the 5 other colleagues were asked to draw an animal which symbolizes an effective facilitator. An owl, lama, elephante, octopus and eagle were some of the inspiring animals which were shared. After that the participants were invited to associate words, through the brainwriting technique which reflected the 'ideal' of an effective and competent facilitator. Finally the best compencies of an effective facilitator were selected, written on coloured cards and posted on the sticky wall, whereafter an interesting discussion followed about the 'ideal facilitator'.

This exercise was part of the training Basic Facilitation Skills. During the training the participants got acquainted with the Technology of Participation methods, which are structured and efficient tools in getting groups focused in discussions. The training was composed of theory, discussions and practicals, including a number of energizers.
Participants commented: 'The balance of theory and practise was optimal in this course! I appreciated the feedback after practise. It was very useful. ' 'The exercise about resistance was very helpful. Deal first with the emergencies, before you further discuss the content, explained one of the participants. 'It is a course definitely a must for managers and project leaders!'

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