How to deal with cultural differences as a facilitator?

'Build up informal moments', 'Apply the indirect way', 'Use local discussion techniques', 'Humor', 'Move along and adapt to the situation'; These were some of the outcomes from the workshop "What are ways to deal as a facilitator with cultural differences in a group?" The workshop was part of the Training Group Facilitation Methods, which was held and conducted by Simon Koolwijk for staff from IccoenKerkinActie and Togetthere.

Three participants applied creative techniques on getting out the ways on how to deal with cultural differences. A combination of 'story telling', 'role plays', 'associative thinking' and 'collecting' ideas provided 16 answers to the focus question of the workshop.

This workshop was part of the training 'Basic Facilitation Methods', which was held on the 9th and 10th November, 2010 in Utrecht. Participants learned about the theoretical principles of facilitation (consult handbook Group Facilitation Methods - IAF), the Technology of Participation techniques, and creative methods (Creativity Today - Igor Bytebier).

The first day was focused on the theory and demonstration of facilitation methods. On the second day all participants practised and received feedback. The training was both fun and a learning experience! Content was connected to practising, it was well prepared. In two days we were put in a pressure cooker, but that made it that we thoroughly learned the basics of facilitation. We missed some background about the why of the 'left' and 'right'brain. Next time we hope to get some more information about brainlearning. (Brain_work, Ria van Dinteren)


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