Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thinking through about a capacity development intervention!

Which activities to select on how to guide an organisation in its process of development? 1. Exchange, 2. facilitation, 3. coaching, 4. research, 5. training, 6. advise, 7. management or 8. implementation?

Two Young Professionals from Togetthere met for a one-day training on the 21st December, 2010 to think through about their capacity development intervention. Both Young Professionals will be assisting for a period of 6 months local development organisations in Peru and Rwanda in the area of communication and micro-finance. Part of the training was to gain skills on how to plan for a capacity development intervention based on their job description and some basic principles of capacity development.
The training was led by Simon Koolwijk, professional in the area of facilitation and capacity development. Some useful information and literature about these topics can be found at the ICCO CAD tookit site and the UNDP CD site. The training was a combination of theory, practicals in planning, presentations and discussing about dilemma's Young Professionals are facing in these kind of interventions. Some interesting stories are shared at the blogspot "Everything you always wanted to know about Capacity Development" and the Barefoot guide.

The training was useful, interactive and dynamic, commented the participants the end of the course. It was actually a bit too short. We would have loved more stories about the challenges and dilemma's in capacity development interventions and on how to tackle that.

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