Sunday, January 9, 2011

Energizers & games make facilitation fun!

How to overcome a lunch dip? What to do when people are tired of using their heads? And how to get focus? Energizers and games are ways to refresh people's minds and get them active.

The paper tiger is a popular one and fun to do. Make an animal from a piece of paper without talking. Make a group, each person tears a piece of paper without talking and passes it on to the next person. Make a maximum of 4 rounds and give each group a maximum of 5 minutes.
Ranking on the chair is a nice one to get to know each other better. Make a line of chairs as many people as there are in the group. Give an assignment to the group by asking a question. For example; Rank yourself on basis of your age, or birth date? or what is the most south located place you have visited on the earth?

The word game has a competitive element. Ask people to make columms, asking them for example 1. Country? 2. City/ village? 3. Name? 4. Animal? 5. Tool in the household? Each time a participants says a letter. For example 'R'. After that the one who answers the questions the fastest is the winner!
These energizers were part of the training facilitation methods, which was held on 5 - 6 january, 2011 in Utrecht and led by Simon Koolwijk. He is certified professionals facilitator with the International Association of facilitators. IAF has also a professional network in the Netherlands, called IAF-Benelux.
Young Professionals (YP's) from Togetthere and Mensen met een Missie became during the course acquainted with methods (Technology of Participation) on how to facilitate and guide groups. These YP's were prepared for their capacity development intervention missions in Peru and Guatemala, where they are going to assist local organisations in updating their communication strategies and training courses.
'Experience', 'know the background and the theory' and 'practise' were the main components of the course. During the last day part, participants learned on how to set up a training and how to teach a lesson according to the 'KOLB - learning cycle'. This cycle integrates facilitation and teaching on how to transfer knowledge to groups of people and individuals. It is a powerful tool in capacity development of local organisations and people. Young professionals from ICCO - Togetthere have made a short list of coaching and facilitation tools at the icco-cad toolkit site.

The training had a good balance of theory and practise, commented the participants. It was intensive, but very useful. We would have loved a day more! The training was structured and passed very smooth. We were the whole day active and time flew.

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