Examples of facilitation at youtube!

Video provides a great opportunity to explain somebody the art of facilitation. Following is a compilation of 12 video's showing different aspects of facilitation.

1. How to be a great facilitatorSuggestions on how to become a great facilitator; See great facilitator

2. More effective meetingsAnimation movie on how to have more effective meetings; See more effective meetings

3. How to make your meetings more effective8 tips on how to make your meeting more effective by having a facilitator; See video;

4. Creative facilitation seminar 2008, EAFIT UniversityVisualisation of a creative facilitation seminar ; See creative seminar

5. Pinpoint facilitation in ActionVideo impressions of a facilitation event; See facilitation event

6. Open space technology meetingThe principles and impressions of an open space technology meeting; See open space

7. Tips & tricks - Invite right brain thinkersThink about involving right brain thinkers in your workshop sessions. They help you to look things from a total different perspective. See right brain thinkers

8. The spirit of the world cafe - ItalianoImpressions of a world cafe facilitation session; See World Cafe

9. Memory magic - ice breakerAn interesting ice breaker to make and to tell a story; See ice breaker

10. E-FacilitationExample on how to conduct an E-Conference. Participants share their experiences after having participated in an E-Conference; See E-Conference

11. Graphic facilitation
Output which was produced and documented through a graphic recorder after a group facilitation event. See graphic facilitation

12. Participatory video makingHow to facilitate the creation of a movie. Example of a youth project in Moldova. See participatory video making

In case you would like to share links or more video's about facilitation, please feel free to respond at the blog article.

Simon Koolwijk


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