Sticky wall: A helpfull tool for facilitation!

Participants name it the magic wall! You just stick a piece of paper on the wall and it will stick. The sticky wall, a cloth of material (size 3.5 x 1.6 mtrs), is an excellent tool for facilitation. Whenever you use paper or flipcharts and you want to move them quickly it is very helpful.

Benefits· The sticky wall provides a space where you need to group and regroup participants' ideas that have been written on papers
· It is light weight, you can use it for 2 - 5 years
· It is easily portable so that you can take it to every meeting

Preparation, use and maintenance of the sticky wallØ To make your new sticky wall sticky, use 3M Spray Mount, Artistst Adhesive. Avoid over-spraying
Ø You can use most types of paper on your sticky wall, but don't use construction paper because it may permanently stick
Ø When you fold the sticky wall for carrying, be sure to fold with the sticky side in
Ø For subsequent uses, first check the wall for stickiness
Ø You can hang the sticky wall with masking tape, push pins or T pins
Ø When there is adhesive build up, and you want to clean it, you can use 3M Citrus Based Cleaner
Purchase of the sticky wall You can order the sticky wall at the website, click sticky wall


  1. Wholeheartedly agree. I use the same tools/ techique (with minor variations). Jim Anaston-Karas, profile at


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