Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ten videos for stimulating fun, roleplays and exercises!

Youtube provides a lot of inspirational short video's which you can use for trainings or facilitation events. Whenever, you try to stimulate fun in your group or want to provide some hints for a role play or exercises, a compilation of ten video's to get your group started:

Especially the television advertisements are inspirational for making caricatures of famous people or functional roles people play in society. For example the Cup a Soup advertisements with;

1. Louis van Gaal2. Sjors, the coach/ inspirator3. John, the managerare hilarious.
And what about the advertisements with Even Apeldoorn bellen with:
4. Bill Clinton5. The parking garage
Another source of inspiration are the comedians:
6. Toren C, the job applicant. See video

7. Koefnoen, showing a media training with our former prime minister, Mr. Balkenende8. Jiskefet, showing a father who is coaching his son, or is he coaching himself?
9. The two britisch soccer coachesor

10. the shocking Fart at the office of Toren C.

In case you have additional tips and links about funny or humourus video's, please feel free to respond at this blog article.


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