Youth (R)Evolution - State of the Art of Youth Work in Moldova, 24-25 March 2011

The today's youth worker should be modern, professional and should know about social media such as facebook, twitter and Odnoklasniki. Opportunities should be created for 'Youth Workers' to get credentials for their profession through non-formal education by NGOs and formal education by educational institutions. Job placement opportunities should be created for young people in Moldova to gain practical working experiences. These were some of the recommendations given by Youth, Adults, NGO's, local institutions and governmental organisations at the Conference Youth (R)Evolution in Moldova held on the 24 - 25 March, 2011 in Chisinau, Moldova.

This Conference was the final stage of the Project 'Youth in the Center' (financed by Matra), which has been implemented by Procommunity Centre (Moldova) in close co-operation with Hogeschool Windesheim & Kontakt der Kontinenten (The Netherlands) and Proni Centre for Social Education (Croatia). The aim of the project was to create and build sustainable structures for youth work in Moldova and disseminate the 'best practices' in the country. See video for impressions at the Conference:

Results project 'Youth in the Center'
During the last two years youth clubs were formed in four pilot communities (Vadul Rascov, Varnita, Ulmu and Cotiujenii Mari) supported by local structures (adults, parents, local government and schools). National NGOs (such as Procommunity Centre) and local civil society organisations have linked up with the youth clubs for technical advise and support. Opportunities for young Moldovan students from the Moldovan State University were created to have work practicals. And local trainers and youth workers strengthened their skills through exchange with partners from The Netherlands and Croatia.

The Conference - the process & recommendations Analysing the current State of the Art of Youth Work in Moldova and looking forward were the main aims of the conference. Supported by speeches from the Deputy Minister of Social Protection Mr. Vadim Pistrinciuc, Vice speaker of the Parliament - Mrs. Liliana Palihovici and the Consul of the Dutch Embassy, Mr. Rolf de Groof the 90 participants (youth, adults, parents, representatives from institutions and government, NGOs and civil society organisations) analysed in small groups the strengthes, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) for youth work in Moldova. Followed by discussions on 1) Profile of the Youth Worker, 2) Structure for Youth Work, 3) Advantages and disadvantages of (non) formal education for youth workers, and 4) Sustainability of youth clubs. The highlight of the Conference was the formation of a pyramid built by representatives from the 4 working groups. Each working group came up with 9 recommendations (9 symbolic building blocks) on how to strengthen the 'Youth Work in Moldova' in the coming 3 years.
Main conclusions and recommendations were:
* The today's youth worker should be modern and professional;
* youth clubs should have a stable support from their national and local enviroment;
* Invest in youth work and young people (training, resource support);
* Create more opportunities for job placements and practical should be created;
* Create credentials for youth workers and strengthen the profession through non-formal education for youth work by NGO's and formal education by the institutions

The Conference was closed with a joint meal where the participants watched Participatory Video's which were produced by the Youth from the 4 villages during the final part of the project. See video: Watching participatory video's and see video about PV process. The participatory video's of each youth club can be watched at youtube: See video's; Youth club Ulmu, Youth club Cotiujenii Mari, Youth club Varnita & Youth club Vadul Rascov.


  1. Indeed, it was a great conference.
    It is not the end, we just started!

  2. Dear Meef, thanks for sharing. Yes, I agree it is just the start. There is a great potential for youth development in Moldova and the region. Regards, Simon


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