Friday, April 29, 2011

Video interview; a simple method summarizing a discussion

After having an intensive discussion about work and social life as a development professional in Kenya, a young professional from Mensen met een Missie interviewed a senior. Practicing the focused conversation method was one of the practicals of the training facilitation methods, which was organised by the Hendrik Kraemer Institute on the 19th and 21st April, 2011.
See video - interview young professional meets senior professional

Participatory video making is on of the participatory methods, which are applied by facilitators. The group becomes the producer of a movie. They do the research, create the scenario, do the filming and finally edit and compile the video. All with the support of a facilitator and a videomaker/ editor. A video interview is one of the most easiest steps in getting acquainted with videomaking. During the training facilitation methods, it appeared that a visual interview is an excellent and simple tool in summarizing a discussion. And therefore videomaking is an excellent additional tool for facilitators or project managers using it for summarizing discussions or monitoring & evaluation purposes.

Stimulation to practice!
The training facilitation methods focused during the first day on the basic principles of facilitation:
The second day was centered towards practicing and feedback.
'The training was inspirational and very useful!', commented a participant. 'The practical I did on dialogue in conflict areas using the KOLB learning cycle was an eye-opener for me. I am planning to conduct a session on this topic for my colleagues within the next couple of weeks. The training has inspired me to practice the lessons learned soon after the course.'
The Hendrik Kraemer Institute is planning a following course on the 23rd and 26th May, 2011.

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