Building capacities by Participatory Video (PV)

Young people building relationships with adults in their community!
Showing your identity as a youngster by initiating activities in the community!
Creative thinking and teambuilding!
Expressing hopes and dreams as a youngster!
Members from youth clubs, coming from 4 different villages in Moldova, produced in the final stage of the two-year project 'Youth in the Center' a participatory video showing their accomplishments as a team.
Participatory Videomaking (PV) is not only fun! It is also about building capacities as a team. The process stimulates people's imagination. It strengthens the team and it is another phase in building a history as a group. Video is an effective media tool for informing other stakeholders and interested groups, especially through social media such as facebook, twitter and odnoklasniki.
Recently the four participatory videos were uploaded and published at youtube. Following are the video's.
See video; Youth club 'Ying/ Yang' in Vadul Rascov

See video; Youth club 'Pro Young' in Ulmu

See video; Youth club in Cotiujenii Mari

See video; Youth club in Varnita

More about the process of Participatory Videomaking, >>>>> read and watch PV in Ulmu
More about the presentation of the videos at the final conference 'Youth (R)Evolution 24-25 March, 2011, >>>>> read and watch Youngsters present Participatory Videos - Moldova
The project 'Youth in the Center' is aimed at building sustainable structures for youth development in Moldova. The first phase of the project was implemented between April 2009 and March 2011 by Procommunity Centre in co-operation with Kontakt der Kontinenten (Netherlands), Windesheim - University of Social Work (Netherlands), Proni Center for Social Education (Croatia) and local youth development organisations and institutions in Moldova.


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