Another compilation of ten english spoken humoristic video's

After more than 80 years of film history, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are still fun to watch. Youtube provides a lot of humoristic video's from the thirties in the last century up to till today, which can be used for trainings to create fun, laughther or to do energizers or games. Following is a compilation of humoristic video's.
2. Toomy Cooper - The bag and the egg
3. Charley Chaplin - Coffee drinking - Funny
4. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy
Kneesy, Earsy, Nosey

Finger widdle
8. Archie Bunker - All in the family - Archie Bunker on vegetarianism
9. Muppets show - Derek and Clive are muppets
10. Benny Hill - El show de Benny Hill

If you would like to add some more humortistic or funny english spoken video's, please feel free to leave a link at reactions.


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