Saturday, July 9, 2011

One-minute video messages

'Present your workshop in one minute!' or 'Share a Testimonial - an inspiring story in one-and-half minute!' It is a new experiment Simon Koolwijk launched recently with Video-maker/ Facilitator, Marc van Seters. Both facilitators have been asked by the International Association of Facilitators - Benelux to interview the workshopleaders of the Conference 'Facilitator as a {2nd} Profession' by video. This event having 26 workshops about facilitation will take place on the 23rd September, 2011 at Kontakt der Kontinenten, Soesterberg, The Netherlands.
Catching 'institutional inspiration'
Workshop announcements: In one-minute the workshop leaders tell about their first and second profession, what participants can expect and what they will take home. 'It is an excellent opportunity to get to know beforehand the people, who will attend the Conference', says Simon Koolwijk.
See video: workshop announcement: Facilitation on Twitter

Video testimonials are catching the inspirational experiences from past IAF-Benelux Conferences. Participants share experiences from past conferences, which changed their way of facilitation. 'Video is a tool which can catch 'institutional inspiration' through documenting memories and inspirational moments. It can bring 'inspiration' to a new group of people', adds Simon.
Each week new one-minute videos are posted at the Conference website 'Facilitation as {2nd} profession'. 'We try to get people already in the mood for the 23rd September '11', shares Simon The uploaded video's can be disseminated through social media such as twitter, linkedin, facebook, hyves and yammer.
Informing the network close to your personal network is an approach with is promoted by Business Boot Camp. Social media are an excellent tool to spread the message of such an interesting event and make people excited to join! For more one-minute video's follow the youtube channel of IAF-Benelux or the website: 'Facilitation as a {2nd} profession.

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