Why structured thinking!???

Structured thinking?  Does it kill ideas or does it help to bring new ideas and perspectives? Writing down each action and step to the most basic detail is very challenging, when you are preparing a training.  So....,  after you welcome the participants,  what will you do?  What next?  What next?

Fifteen years ago, when I got my Trainers of Trainers course in the USA,  it made me very angry that I was challenged by my senior trainer to go through each training session step-by-step.  Looking back after so many years,  I appreciate and see the usefulness in getting the discipline of understanding each little move you are making in preparing a training.  It helps me to master the skill of conducting a training and it even makes me more flexible in initiating new elements in a training when the group is asking for it. Actually it helps me even to become more creative, since I am understanding the basics of involving and engaging a group.

Watch the video:  'Structured thinking exercise' 

The art of training depends on knowing the details and how to apply them.  It is how little children learn to walk and talk. The same applies when we learn something new..... When I am doing something new  which fascinates me,  I am discovering each time new small  essential elements  in mastering a new way of working.
The last couple of years, I have discovered that learning something new creates curiousity, drive and energy.  That is why I try to challenge myself to renew my services and my trainings over and over. It is like the feeling a child will have towards getting the first day of walking!  


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