Monday, August 15, 2011

The value of doubting

Is the belief, you think you have the right answer? Or is the right answer, a belief that is challenged all the time? 

Having doubts is part of our daily lifes. If I am cycling to Amsterdam,   I assume that the signboards are guiding me towards the right direction. But what if I did not notice a signboard on the road?   Or if somebody changed the directions of the signboard having the intention to mislead cyclists? Or did a thunderstorm destroy the signboard?  Or what if a roadblock leads me towards a cycling path withouth roadsigns in a forest?  Am I still  100 % sure I am heading towards my final destination: Amsterdam!?  It are the first signs of doubt....
Watch the video:  The value of doubting - a first test about dealing with certainty and doubts:
The music, 'Fast legs, slow head', is produced by Omar Meza; e-mail.

Having doubts has a number of advantages:
1.  Connectivity:   It helps to get meaningful contact with other people
2.  Challenging beliefs:  It helps to challenge values and beliefs.  Is my perspective of the world the right perspective?  or does a new insight, help me to look issues from a new perspective?  And what does that tell about myself?
3. Trust on qualities of other people:  Is it me who always has to give the right answer ?  or am I open-minded to trust  on others who might have (hidden) qualities,  that help the team to get the right answer?   Sometimes it is good not to know,  so you can rely on trusted people who might know the solution.

Of course there are many other advantages about 'having doubts'.   If you like to share more advantages about doubts, please post a message at this blog..........

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