Co-creation through creative writing!

'One day a freelance consultant sat behind the computer......'    This was one of the starting sentences in writing a creative story on how to use social media as a tool for learning. With the assistance of a  creative writing facilitator from Loesje, (Joitske Hulsebosch, Sibrenne Wagenaar and Simon Koolwijk)  organised a co-creation workshop in developing slogans for the training course 'Social Media for facilitating learning processes in organisations'.  The purpose of the workshop was to identify the most important issues for this training course by going through a creative writing process.

Creative writing exercises
Based on the starting sentence 'one day.....'  each participant continued the story by adding a new sentence, following the previous sentence.  Each round the Loesje facilitator added a word, which was integrated in each sentence. The stories which were produced visualised some hilarious stories, creating fun and laughter.

The second exercise we were asked to think about five words that came up in our minds, when we woke up in the morning.  Hereafter we were asked to write down a problem, that was keeping ourselves occupied in our today's lives.  For each problem the facilitator provided us with a word symbolizing a physical office tool; for example a stapler or a paperclip.  As a following step we passed our written statements to our neighbour participant, who was asked to give a creative solution for our problem by using three of the five words applying the physical office tool.
Problem:  Help I can not create time to sit and practise with social media!
Answer:   Give yourself a day off, stay the whole day at home, treat yourself with coffee and a fresh shower, use your paperclip to write a tweet at your i-pad.  So why bother, if you can create your own opportunities!

See video for impressions:

Co-creation of slogans
Finally we formulated the most important questions, which online facilitators have to deal with when they are engaging and activating people for learning and sharing through social media;
  • How to deal with security issues?
  • What to do if people in the organisation feel blocked by their surrounding system to communicate through social media?
  • How to create time for using social media?
  • How to get people open minded for social media?

For each question we were asked to respond by using creative answers providing the solution. So how about:
  • Lock your colleagues for three days in an office with people who do not interest him, and give this person a laptop with internet connection;
  • Rain, storm and wind, it is time to tweet a twitter to Saint Nicolaes!
  • Tweets are like gingerbread cookies, you can spread as many as you like!

At the end of the workshop,  topics were identified for the training course 'Social Media for facilitating learning processes in organisations'.   Participants expressed that the workshop had helped them to think creatively in language.   Playing with language is fun!,  expressed on of the participants.  One of the participants wrote an article at her blogpost  read >>> Co-creation.

Back at home I played with creating a sentence using the Capital Letter 'T'  as much as possible:
Twitter Tweets are tasting tea together in the Toronto Teagarden, telling that is takes two to tango and three text messages to tweet a  #tweet to  twenty two thousand tweeter fans thanking @twitter.    Indeed playing with language, as a tool for co-creation is fun!


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