What is the relation between African masks and facilitation?

A lesson about the significance of masks and its meaning in the African context.  This was one of the practicals which was done during the training 'Facilitation methods',  held on the 12th and 16th September, 2011.  The training organised by the Hendrik Kraemer Institute and conducted by Simon Koolwijk was focused on acquiring methods and skills on how to activate and strengthen groups.
Nowadays facilitation is one of the key skills professionals need in engaging people for building effective teamwork and stimulating a fruitful knowledge exchange.  Learning embeds better if people have already thought about the topic, before receiving additional information about the theoretical principles.
The lesson about the masks was facilitated by two professional lecturers who will teach religion and ethical topics at an university in Africa. Teaching is an interactive process, focused on asking questions, discovering and exchanging.  'The one who is doing the talking, is the one who is doing the learning!' is a worldwide shared wisdom.   All these principles are embedded in the Kolb-learning cycle for adult learning.
Facilitation as 2nd profession
For organisational development advisors, managers, group leaders and people in a leadership positions capacity to facilitate and asking questions is an important pré-condition for getting better results from individuals and groups.  Therefore,  for most professionals in a leadership, training, coaching and guiding position facilitation is a 2nd profession.  On the 23rd September, 2011 the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) will address this issue at the conference 'Facilitation as a 2nd Profession'.   There professionals have an opportunity to get acquainted with the different types of facilitation and methods, that can be applied for activating and engaging groups.

Resources and literature
If you like to orientate yourself, on how it is to have the role of facilitator as a second profession, read the publication 'Advising as a 2nd profession'.    If you like to know the meaning of African masks read the article >>>  African Masks History and Meaning.  


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