Facilitation of Strategic Planning in Moldova

Recently Procommunity Centre uploaded a video, where community members share their impressions about the Strategic Planning process. During the past years Procommunity Centre assisted village communities in Moldova in sustaining and improving the quality of rural infrastructure such as schools, cultural centres, youth clubs, roads and energy supply.

In the video village participants stress the participatory approach is one of the mayor factors leading to successful results.  By having the relevant stakeholders on board to solve and discuss their problems,  Procommunity Centre's  Strategic Planning approach creates ownership and dedication with each party to work on sustainable solutions.
See video:    Strategic Planning

The participatory strategic planning approach, which has been developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ToP - methods) consists of 5 steps:
  • Visioning (How will the future look like in an ideal situation?)
  • Contractions (What is the current situation and what are the hindrances in solving the problems?)
  • Strategic Directions (How will the stakeholders move forward to accomplish the desired future and what are the strategic goals?)
  • Time planning and organisation (Who? What? When? How? Where? Timebased results?)
  • Follow-up (What has been accomplished sofar? What went well? What should be improved or adjusted?)
At the end participants have a framework, including action steps and responsibilities divided.

Since the  late 90's and  early 2000's  Facili2transform and Kontakt der Kontinenten co-operate with ProcommunityCentre.   It is encouraging that the participatory approach, one of the values of all three partners, has been adapted as an approach for community development in Moldova.


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