Building a 'Conference Story' by handing over the video camera

"Handing over your video camera to one of your colleagues, can bring some nice surprises!".  This is what I did during the conference 'Facilitation as a {2nd} profession, which was held on the 23rd September, 2011. My colleague Erik Kijne (PCM Group) filmed and interviewed workshopleaders, participants and collected conference impressions at the annual conference organised by the International Association ofFacilitators (IAF) - Netherlands.

The process of editing
Between December 2011 and early March, 2012 Erik and I sat together to compile and edit the highlights of this annual event.  Out of a total of 70 minutes video tape,  a first draft video of 10 minutes was compiled.  This was followed by three rounds of collecting feedback from IAF-Nl  colleagues. Eventually the video was shortened to a production of 4.15 minutes showing impressions of the opening,  workshops, a 'blundering facilitator' and participants quotes. 
See video:

What took us most time was to collect the feedback and in-corporate these in the final video production.  The advantage of collecting feedback is that it helps you to see new perspectives and  it sharpens you to discover the taste of the average video watcher.   Story telling by video is an art and feedback helps to develop the story for a broader audience.  Another benefit is that it creates a sense of ownership and value  with the ones who were involved in the process of giving feedback.
One of the pitfalls is being to eager to publish and disseminate the video. Patience is an art, while developing the story through feedback collection.

Be open for surprises
What surprised me the most, is that any person with an interest and passion for video, can gather wonderful impressions for a signicant story. The power of the video camera can bring new perspectives for creative story telling. 
What I learned?  Hand over the camera and have the trust that something beautiful will be created!
The next IAF-Netherlands Conference 2012  will take place on the 22nd June, 2012 in Soesterberg, The Netherlands. The theme will deal about 'To facilitate in the Here and Now' 


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