How will video be used and applied in 2017?

Due to technological changes the role of video will increase in the coming years. Nowadays internet provides enormous possibilities to disseminate video messages (youtube, vimeo). The growing popularity of video making by digital camera's, mobile telephones and the availability of user friendly and low cost video editing software makes it much more easier for consultants, project staff and field workers to use video as a tool for their work. More and more video broadcasts are replacing or adding added value to written reports or publications.

It is foreseen that video will play a major role in projects and organisations in 2017. Video will be having multiple functions;

1. Video as a tool for Montioring and Evaluation in a project
Video will be increasingly used for monitoring and evaluation of projects. Video is a means to capture stories which can communicate qualitative changes. Evaluation methods, such as 'Most significant change' can be excellently be applied through video. It provides a means to give a voice to different stakeholders and beneficiaires in a project to communicate about changes.

2. Video as a tool for learning and capacity development
Video provides excellent possibilities for learning. Both the proces of videomaking as the production provide information about people's developments and changes. A concrete video project encourages people to meet people, they would not have met in a formal setting. Video helps to build bridges between different stakeholders, which indirectly enables learning. By building new contacts, people get new perspectives and ideas.
Video also is a tool to collect feedback. What did people like? And what should be improved? The rich value of feedback through video is a helpful tool in different learning processes.

Watch the video why images and video's are powerful tools for change:

3. Video as a tool for education and instructions
The availability of low cost screencasting software has made it possible to make your own video broadcast messages. The amount of video tutorials at internet is taking a rapid growth. Due to the increament of social, informal and long distance learning has contributed to the fact that video becomes an important tool for education and instruction. TedTalk has become one of the major video channels on inspirational lectures and speeches.

4. Marketing and communication
Video will become more common in marketing and communication. Not only advertisements are increasingly promoted on websites. More and more newsletters and information bulletins of organisations contain video's as a means for providing information. One minute video's increasingly grow in popularity.

5. Video as a research tool to prepare major gatherings, events or projects
Video provides excellent possibilities to gather opinions, views, trends and development which can be communicated in a short and effective way in order to provoke debates and discussions. Increasingly, organisations do research and collect information from stakeholders through video, which are broadcasted at conferences, stakeholder meetings and important decision making gatherings.

Role of video in projects in 2017?
In 2017 video will be used as one of the tools for Project Management. Video will be used for Needs identification, Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation. Especially the domain of monitoring and evaluation provide increasing possibilities for applying video.
Increasingly organisations will use video for learning and capacity development. Short video messages, one minute video's and testimonials will be used as evidence and communication tool for organisational change and learning.

Video as a tool for the consultant in 2017?
The Consultant 2017 will be equipped with knowledge and skills on how to use video for consultancies and project- and organisational development interventions.

The Consultant 2017 will have basic knoledge about:
- video story development and design of story boards
- camera technology and how to do basic filming
- video editing
- dissemination through internet and social media.

The consultant has insight on how and when to apply video for the benefit of the client.


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