Course Online facilitation for organisational learning and change - A combination of theory and practice

On the 21st June 2012 En Nu Online completed the first course 'Online facilitation with social media for organisational change and learning'.  Over a period of eight months participants gained knowledge and skills on how to apply social media and virtual tools for organisational learning and change. Each participant applied lessons in a practical case in their work.

Immediate application of lessons learned
One of the participants working with a big training company applied virtual exchange as part of a training about Leadership.  Questions and practical assignments were disseminated through a Yammer group, where participants already were challenged to think about issues they encountered in their role as leaders. This experiment gained a lot of useful feedback for 'collective learning'.  Both participants and the training company gained useful lessons.
A large international company invited representatives from various parts of the world as preparation for a  workconference, to share  learning issues  and urgent questions. It generated a lot of momentum and contributed to good quality discussions on the f2f gathering.
In a famous Dutch bank  a webinar was organised on the application and integration of Yammer in the workprocesses of the organisation.  It generated a lot of new insights on how virtual exchange processes can be embedded in the project teams in the bank.
 Another participant  created a number of screencasts in a non-profit organisation. Through the screencasts the target groups were informed  step by step  about new developments in housing.
On the final day of the course 'Online Facilitation for organisational learning and change'  the participants  (a mix of trainers, coaches, trainers and HRD professionals)  presented  the results about the application of virtual tools in their workprocesses.
A few comments from participants:
"I have never learned so much, in such a short time!"
"The course was a  good combination of theory and practice. The lessons learned can be directly applied in our  own work."
"This course gives you the opportunity to experiment with various social media and  you can apply them directly in the worksituation"

See video "En Nu Online Evaluation"  for Impressions (in Dutch):

Advantages of virtual exchange
The integration of social media tools and virtual processes in work processes helps organisations:

  • To save costs in trainings and educational programs;
  • To accelerate learning in the organisation, through efficient and effective access to knowledge networks;
  • To apply lessons learned directly in workprocesses in the organisation.  This eventually contributes to performance improvement of individuals in organisations, teams and the organisation as a whole;
  • To adapt quickly and flexible  to changes and to meet the today's demands and needs of customers.

A new course about 'Online facilitation with social media' will start on the 24th September, 2012 and will last up to 25 April 2013.   Read More:  'Course Online Facilitation'.  


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