Video as a tool to explore strategic priorities

'Personal Branding'  through social media is becoming more and more important in today's society. How does your self-perception match with the perception of others?  Through your website and social media such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube you can build and develop your personal profile in the virtual world.  Developing a video presenting myself was one of my key activities, I facilitated last month.

Discovering strategic priorities in the preparation process
The process of making a short video message about yourself is an interesting journey of self-searching and reformulating the strategic priorities of your business. During the last two months of my summerholidays, I went through a process for reformulating my strategies, key activities and target groups. Key questions that helped me in this process were:
  • How is the current situation of the business?  What is successfull? What gives energy? What does not go well? Which activities are frustrating and lurking energy?
  • How is the context developing?  Where are the opportunities in the market, which fits my interests and qualities?
  • What are my key values?
  • What are my hopes and dreams for the future?
  • Where would I like to develop?  What competencies would I like to gain in a changing context?
  • What new products and ventures do I want to create?  Which ventures do I want to continue? Which ventures do I want to stop or exit?
  • With whom would I like to co-operate? Who are my favourable partners who match with my values, who create synergy and who create the best conditions for the development of my qualities?
Setting strategic priorities, planning and establishing new relationships
After going through the process of self discovery, I formulated my strategic priorities and the products/ services that will meet the demands of my (potential) clients.  For the coming years I will focus on 1. Facilitation,  2. Evaluation, 3. Support of capacity development of organisations and 4. (Participatory) Video as a tool for learning and transformation.  My clients will be actors active in International Development Co-operation, Education and Social Infrastructure Development. 

Developing the story and video presentation
Based on my strategic planning process  I developed my video story vizualising my values, key strategic activities and my main motivation for doing my work.  It took me two hours to do the filming and three hours to do the editing.  I collected input from 5 colleagues to improve and re-edit the video.  The final product of this video presentation you can watch the video at: 

In the coming months I will actively engage and  inform new and existing clients about my ventures and activities.  In this process I will further develop strategic partnerships with colleagues or agencies who will match my values and strategic priorities.  The development of the video accelerated the process of exploring and defining the strategic priorities.


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