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Facilitation of Business Planning 14 - 15 February 2007

Hi Everybody, Last week I facilitated for Milieukontakt International a business planning for their International Trainers team. After conducting a market analysis, the Milieukontakt Trainers Team (MITT) formulated their mission, vision, strategies, product portfolio, marketing & communication strategy, budget and finance plan. You can find some photo impressions at: In case you have more questions about facilitating a business planning, just feel free to contact me; e-mail. Regards, Simon

Unsettling times for Civil Society Capacity Building

Hi Everybody, This week I was very much involved in conducted skype conference meetings with ICCO advisors working in Africa and Latin-America who assist local partner organisations in strengthening their capacities to do service delivery. Some issues which came up were: " How to deal with the high dropout rates of capable staff within NGO's and CBO's when they leave for another organisation?", " How to deal with a dominant director?" "How to deal with the lecture way of teaching of local consultants?" Through interactive exchange by our skype teleconference conversations we came to some new insights. One of the advisors brought up her questions into a D-group (a listserver group), where she asked for some feedback and response from other advisors to get more enlightment and different perspectives. For all the issues where my colleagues and myself are dealing with, I would like to refer to two papers written by Rick James from Intrac. : 1. Unse