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Training E-cooperation - Kontakt der Kontinenten at 23rd May 2007

Some impressions of the training on the 23rd May 2007. (Participants and Joitske Hulsebosch) Hi Everybody, Recently together with Steven Scheer (Guldenregel) and Joitske Hulsebosch ( Blog: ), we trained 8 staff members from Kontakt der Kontinenten in new technologies for e-cooperation. The training was composed of a theoretical background of e-cooperation (eg. synchroon and a-synchroon tools), working with a forum discussion, how to conduct a skype meeting and how to make a drawing through watching each other pc by distance. The training contributed to a wider understanding on how to apply e-tools for better co-operation at distance within and outside The Netherlands. For more information about e-cooperation tools, contact Simon Koolwijk at e-mail.

Com't Dev't Training - Moldova Social Investment Fund 21st - 28th April 2007

Hi everybody, From 21st - 28th April 2007 a delegation from the Moldova Social Investment Fund (MSIF) and Procommunitate visited The Netherlands. Main theme of this study tour was Community & Youth Development. We visited a number of municipalities, e.g. Renkum/ Oosterbeek, Stolwijk and Haaksbergen. We met with a number of counsellors/ elders from the local municipalities, youth workers, board members from community based organisations (football club, women's group, swimming pool, school) and we visited a number of youth centres. In addition the team members received training on conflict management and facilitation methods at Kontakt der Kontinenten. Find some more photo impressions at: At the moment Facilicom Consult, Kontakt der Kontinenten, the Moldova Social Investment Fund and Procommunitate are in the process of further strengthening their collaboration.