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Training of advisors in capacity development - September/ October 2007

Nijmegen, 10th October 2007 Hi Everybody, During the most of september several capacity development advisors from ICCO were trained in various organisational advisor's skills. On the 10th and 11th September I conducted together with Marieke Veeger, capacity development advisor of ICCO working in Bolivia, a training in facilitation methods for two advisors who are going to work Honduras. One advisor will focus on communication strategies, and the other will guide and counsel youth in urban areas.On the 26th and 27th September two advisors were trained in Project Planning, monitoring and evaluation for capacity building. One advisor will work for the University in Nampula, Mozambique promoting Problem based learning, while the other will work with an agricultural research institute in Eritrea promoting linking best practises in research with farmer's needs. On the 4th and 5th October a similar training was conducted for two advisors who will work on value c