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Capacity development Starters & volunteers 2-3 July 2009

"This course is a good preperation as part of working in a development country in the area of capacity development", "During this course you learn how to support capacity development processes!", "These two days have clearified my job description and my role". These were comments from 3 participants at the course capacity development and support, which was held on 2-3 July 2009. Two starters preparing for a theatre supporting role and planning, monitoring & evaluation role for a community based project in Zimbabwe and one volunteer preparing for a webbased exchange programme between Palestinian and Israelian youth got acquainted with the principles and theories of capacity development. Other parts of the training focused on practical elements such as how to plan for a capacity development intervention and dilemma's in capacity support for local organisations. The 3 participants are employed by Togetthere. This organisations sends out young p