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Video Evaluation - short highlights about two weeks exchange on International Humanitarian Law

"I have never experienced such a wonderful seminar", "My expectations have been met", "I know how to apply the four principles for International Humanitarian Law", "The composition of the group", "Lecturers addressed the issues". These were some of the comments which members of the ACT Alliance shared during a video evaluation at the end of the face-to-face seminar discussing Humanitarian Assistance & International Law (HAIL) which was held from 25th May - 4th June, 2010. This 2-week seminar dealt about the four principles of HAIL; 1. Humanity, 2. Neutrality, 3. Impartiality and 4. Indepedence. Main purpose of the meeting was to link theoretical principles with the reality of the work in the field. The 22 participants coming from Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin-America shared 'best practices,' 'challenging cases' and 'possible scenario's ' on how to apply HAIL during interventions where Humanitarian Aid